Genealogy Peter Bargon

Bargon,  originally Barchon
Province of Liège

The research into the origin of the house of Bargon, a descendant of which was born in Camberg (Germany), has shown that this family originates from the Province of Liège.

The then land agent Straub of the Elector of Mains took the initiative to bring back to life the entirely slummy village of ‘auf dem Seltenberg’, where the ruins of the church were still visible, around 1695. To this aim people were recruited from various towns, even some three from the ‘Land of Liège’, to rebuild the new village of Seelenberg and take up agriculture there again. Among these three families from Liège we find Gerlach Barchon, Peter Bassin and Leonhard Collet.  

The town of Seelenberg in Taunus, which now belongs to the municipality of Schmitten, had become totally depopulated around 1600, which was presumably caused by the ‘30-years’ war, the religious reformations and the plague. The town used to be called Selderberg, Seldenberg or Seltenberg, presumably derived from the name Saeldenberg (Glücksberg or mountain of happiness).

The town of Seelenberg now belongs with Schmitten (D61389) in Taunus and lies just East of Bad Camberg. In 1696 the village was rebuilt. One of the founders was Gerlach Barchon, who originated from the diocese of Liège. Gerlach Barchon was the first to be appointed mayor of Seelenberg.

Presumably the originally French-speaking Barchon already mastered the German language and probably he also already lived in Germany. The spelling of the name of the family was to change gradually into Bargon, probably due to the influence of the German language.